Why EMS Certificate Tracking is Vital to the Health of Your Agency

EMS Certificate Tracking Can Save You Time and Money

Maintaining an accurate record of every employee’s certification status is extremely important to not only your agency but your patients. EMS certificate tracking software can help you keep up. Assuring all field member certifications are up to date will keep your agency compliant. Most importantly, it will keep your employees and patients safe.

Using manual processes to keep up with employee certifications will not get the job done. Find out how automated EMS certificate tracking can improve the way your agency manages employee certifications.

Scheduling the Right Person for the Job

Every field operator has a designated skill set that ties to a specific job role. When schedulers fill open shifts, their goal 100% of the time should be to schedule the most qualified person. If an employee’s certifications are not adequate for the open shift, they should not be considered to fill the spot.

Instead, schedulers should be notified of the incompatible qualifications before the shift can be filled. In extreme cases, schedulers can override the threshold in order to schedule the employee if necessary. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so the alert should always be present. This reduces the chances of mistakenly scheduling an unqualified employee for a more advanced shift.

EMS certificate tracking software notifications example

Custom Certification Alerts

If employees are unknowingly being scheduled with expired certifications, it’s time to introduce an EMS certificate tracking solution. Having unqualified employees working puts your agency at risk of being hit with a massive fine. To eliminate this problem, managers can set up automated custom alerts that notify employees of expiring certifications at 30, 60, and 90-day increments.   

This will alert employees of their approaching infractions before they become a problem. Enabling settings like employee lockout will serve as an additional security checkpoint to make sure employees are not clocking in with expired certifications.

Without a proper notification field, operators rely solely on verbal cues instead of timely visual reminders. When you use EMS certificate tracking software, it takes the pressure off of managers and allows employees to take responsibility for their own certification requirements.

Certification Upload and Import

Updating certifications isn’t always fun, but making the process as easy as possible will help motivate employees to get it done. EMS certificate tracking software gives employees the ability to snap a quick photo of their new certification, upload it, and sent it off to their managers for approval. Instead of requiring employees to drop off their new certifications of at the agency, they now have the option of submitting it digitally.

Incorporating an EMS certificate tracking software with a robust scheduling software will not only help managers focus on more important tasks, but it will also build employee accountability.

ePro Scheduler and Certification Tracking

Certifications play an important role in the EMS industry, so they should be monitored regularly. Without automated alerts, missing expiration dates is easy and can happen often. Using an EMS certificate tracking software gives your agency one less thing to worry about.

ePro Scheduler Plus has employee certificate tracking software integrated with our scheduling and timekeeping solutions. This helps agencies keep up with all employee certifications, documents, and licenses in one place.

Stay within compliance guidelines and adopt ePro Scheduler today. Schedule a free demo now!