eCore Software Inc. to Attend ImageTrend Connect 2018

The 2018 ImageTrend Conference is being hosted at the Saint Paul River Centre in St. Paul, Minnesota from July 18th-20th and is an informational event for users across the country to share ideas and processes, examine key issues, celebrate successes and discuss challenges. ImageTrend believes all attendees will leave the conference inspired, having gained insight through shared perspectives.


Since 2001, ImageTrend has been an international provider of software for EMS agencies, fire departments, hospitals and emergency response managers, and to manage connected health data among EMS, hospital and community paramedicine providers. ImageTrend’s solutions are implemented at local, regional and statewide levels and are the trusted solution for more than 100 million ePCRs.


Attendees include decision makers such as agency and hospital administrators, EMS and fire chiefs, departmental officers, paramedics, EMTs, emergency resource planners and other professionals dedicated to emergency response. The attendees are from different regions of the United States and arrive for education, networking and discussion involving ways to refine and improve their line of work. In addition, conference members will learn (through workshops and educational sessions) about a variety of topics including:


  • Tracking Opioid and Naloxone Usage
  • Identifying Sepsis Early for Better Patient Outcomes
  • Data Sharing – Connecting Healthcare and Receiving Outcomes
  • Seize the Data: Using CQI and Alerts to Improve Patient Care


Product Announcements

Throughout the conference, there will also be a tradeshow in which companies will showcase the leading products and software available to fire departments and EMS agencies. Vendors have a strong interest or presence in the same industries and roles that ImageTrend serves. Attendees will seek out products and services related to their data collection, operational duties and improvement of their team’s performance in the line of duty.


One vendor at the ImageTrend Connect 2018 trade show is eCore Software. eCore offers an online employee scheduling and management software system, ePro Scheduler. In addition, eCore also carries add-on tools for fleet maintenance, incident tracking and reporting, and continued education. eCore consultants will be at booth #120 from July 18th-20th and will be demonstrating how the system works and some simple workflows that can be implemented with ePro Scheduler and the add-on tools, ePro Fleet, ePro Tracker, and ePro ConEd.


eCore consultants will meet with both clients and new agencies at ImageTrend Connect 2018 and will be able to answer questions about system and workflow optimization. New visitors will have an in-person tour of the software and will be invited to sign-up for a free demo after the event.


While eCore’s main products focus on scheduling, ePro Scheduler also comes with many features to overcome common challenges for administrators such as reporting, document storing, time and attendance, payroll integration, and certification tracking.


eCore clients enjoy using the software not only for the many features, but also for the long list of agency benefits that that they experience with implementing ePro Scheduler. These include: improved efficiency, cost savings, minimized overtime, and improved attendance tracking and recording.


Every eCore Client receives superior benefits including:


Unlimited Customer Support

Free Upgrades and annual software maintenance

Month-to-Month Services

SaaS Pricing


What eCore clients think:


“ePro Scheduler Plus improves scheduling, payroll accuracy, and employee satisfaction. Medstar has been using it since 2005 and it is an integral part of our daily operations. eCore continues to improve the product with new features and technology. To maximize your EMS operation work flow efficiency, I recommend ePro Scheduler Plus. It is the most user friendly and flexible software you will find.” – Medstar


“ePro Scheduler has brought a sense of accountability and professionalism to our workplace. We have been using the product since early 2002. There is nothing more difficult than tracking the hours worked by EMT’s and Paramedics. With ePro Scheduler and now ePro Manager, the scheduling, time management, record keeping, and online testing becomes even more efficient. I look forward to many successful years with our relationship with eCore.” – First Responder


“I have found eCore to always ‘be there’ for us. Our Fire District has been with eCore for 7 years and we are extremely satisfied with eCore’s products and staff. The technical support team’s response time to my inquiries is phenomenal which has always made me feel that eCore truly cares about their customers.”             – North Greece


” I love the customer service, the personal touch each person that I speak with gives, the comfort level when I am trying to explain an issue in layman terms, to any of your techs and customer service support staff. They continue to ask questions until they fully understand what I am trying to convey.” – Champion EMS


About eCore Software Inc. –


eCore Software Inc. is a leading provider of web-based software applications. Our products have been providing value to public service organizations like EMS operations, fire departments and 911 dispatch agencies since 1998. Our flagship product ePro Scheduler is an industry leader in integrated scheduling, time & attendance and payroll and continues to be the workflow solution selected by the leading high performance EMS operations across the US. For more information on everything eCore has to offer, or to register for a free demo, visit our website!