eCore Software Inc. Narrows Its Focus

After continual efforts to promote our services for police, fire, and dispatch use, we’ve decided that shifting our focus will allow us to better support our current and future EMS users.

As of January 1, 2019, eCore Software will no longer market content advertising services for police, fire, and dispatch scheduling needs. All future marketing efforts will target the EMS industry specifically. eCore prides itself on the development of industry leading EMS scheduling software. It is our intent to direct all of our focus towards that particular industry so that all aspects of our services are unmatched by others.

We look forward to servicing emergency medical services in the hospital, public, private, municipal, air medical, and special event industries as we continue to create the best platform and user experience.

For current police, fire, and dispatch users, we are thankful for your business and hope that over time our software will be better suited to meet all of your needs.


Best regards,

Steven Turner

Executive Vice President