eCore Software Inc. Introduces Referral Program for Existing Clients

This holiday season, eCore will be introducing a new incentive program exclusively for current clients. This new program will reward all clients for referrals that result in a signed SLA.

Since eCore prides itself on being a client-centric company that offers clients the freedom to innovate and expand our product, it’s time for eCore to return the favor. As our technology advances and we continually make strides forward in our customer service efforts, we put constant effort into giving back to our clients in every way we can.

Starting December 1, 2018, our current clients will be eligible to receive these rewards for their valued referrals. We are thankful to have loyal clients that are invested in making our company better.

To current clients, be watching your email for additional details on how to take advantage of this new incentive! If you have any questions, please contact Marcey Seebaran at 866-240-6996.