Dynamic Reporting for ePro Tracker

Operations across the country are using ePro Tracker to build custom report forms within eCore’s records management system, ePro Manager. Each custom form can be released to all employees for use, or restricted for management use only. As report forms are submitted, subsets of managers receive notifications based on report type, and are then able to access and manage the reports. ePro Tracker is great for tracking reports relating to anything from vehicle accidents, to personnel injuries, to attendance issues, and more.

As of January, ePro Tracker will receive an upgrade that provides full dynamic reporting capabilities!

Managers will be able to create custom reports on any report type with the option to export the data to PDF or Excel. So, if you want to run a report for the year that displays all equipment failures, the specific piece of equipment involved, the date of failure, and any associated notes, you’ve got it.

We are excited to offer this additional functionality to ePro Manager customers at no additional cost.

If you’re not already using ePro Tracker, give us a call to find out more or visit www.ecoresoftware.com.