How to Find the Right Crew Scheduling Software for Paramedics

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to evaluate key areas in your agency that could be operating more efficiently. We’re not saying to just write down five bad habits that you’ll forget in two weeks… We’re saying that you should analyze areas in your agency that impact the care you provide your patients and the overall efficiency of your team.

Finding the right crew scheduling software for paramedics that will fully support your leadership team should fall high on your list for 2019. Every moment counts in the EMS industry and you deserve a support team that will be there for you every step of the way.


Why Support is so Important

Let’s say you just purchased a new product from a company for the first time and they neglected to include instructions in the packaging, which is a problem. You call the number on the box and get an automated response saying that the item has been discontinued and that there are no instructions on how to get the product up and running.

When you purchase a new product from any company you expect there to be some form of instruction online or in the packaging to go along with the product you purchased, right? We think so too. Utilizing a fully supported crew scheduling software for EMS will cut time spent on long implementation phases and any additional support following.


Positives of a One-on-One Approach

Implementing a new scheduling software takes time and your service provider should understand that. Taking each step of the onboarding process as fast or as slow as your agency requires, ensures you’re getting the attention you need in order to have a smooth implementation process.

Instead of being passed off from training rep to training rep, find a software provider that assigns a committed Client Success Manager specifically to your agency. This is why eCore created a quality training experience for our EMS crew scheduling software. It can truly make a difference in how your agency adapts to the new platform.


Life After Implementation

Let’s say it has been a few weeks since you completed onboard training and you’ve forgotten how to export customized employee reports. You’re still training some of your staff, but this feature would really help your operations managers keep track of how employees are responding to the new time and attendance policy for 2019.

As you’re logging into the support site to contact your Client Success Manager, you conduct a quick search to find the article with the topic you’re looking for, and there it is. A step by step instructional article written by the support team.

Life after implementation is important for you and should be to your software provider. Scheduling EMS operations can be difficult and time-consuming, so you need a crew scheduling software for paramedics that makes your life easier. Give your agency every opportunity to be successful this year with the right tools and the right support team that will be by your side to keep processes running smoothly.


The eCore Software Effect

If you’re currently dealing with a crew scheduling software for paramedics and your agency is not getting the attention it needs, look no further than ePro Scheduler. Our goal at eCore Software is to provide you with the best product, care, and attention you need in order to have a successful onboarding experience.

Once you’ve completed your onboarding process, we offer continued education of ePro Scheduler through support articles, conferences, and so much more. Without the valuable insight from our clients, ePro Scheduler would not be where it is today.