Behind the Software: ePro Scheduler Plus

When you come across eCore Software Inc.’s webpage, you get to know the services and products that are offered. You can view the different functions and features of ePro Scheduler Plus, ePro Fleet, ePro Tracker, and ePro ConEd.

Websites provide crucial information for products and service, but they do not always allow you to see inside the business. What was the purpose behind the business? What motivated the start of a company and/or product? What drives the employees? Today’s post is going to give you the behind the scenes of eCore Software Inc.

The Beginning

The idea of eCore Software stemmed from a simple favor. One day, Patrick’s (the President of the company) sister asked if he could come up with a scheduling solution for her EMS operation. With hard work, Patrick came up with a solution and decided this was his calling. Net Scheduler Pro was the name and scheduling was the game!

The Work

As time went by, he learned the ins and outs of EMS/Fire operations and received valuable feedback. As with any new business, there were difficult and trying days, but Patrick never gave up on his calling. The calling to make a difference in the EMS world by creating a tool that saves time and money. Our first responders focus on the needs of others day in and day out, and Patrick wanted to focus on making their lives easier. A few years later, Net Scheduler Pro became the ePro Scheduler Plus you know today. The tool that was built by listening to the needs of the customers.

ePro Scheduler Today

Today, we continue to upgrade and update our software! Every team at eCore Software Inc. dedicates their time to ensure customer’s success. Our motivation comes from making a difference in the lives of the people that help us everyday!

To all of our current customers, thank you for your valued partnership! If you ever need any assistance, please call us at 866-240-6996 or e-mail

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