August Employee Spotlight – Chris Cha

 At eCore Software Inc., our employees work day in and out to ensure a successful client experience. We want to share with you the background of our employees so that you can get to know our team a little better than before!

Amre has been with eCore for 4 years, earning her the position of Director of Training/Deployment. In her role, she gets to help shape eCore’s future while serving clients and our team.

Chris Cha

Title: Product Development Specialist

Tenure with eCore: 1 year

Secret Talent: I can walk and play flute at the same time thanks to high school marching band.

Hobbies: Writing, family, programming.

Advice you live by:  Always gift books you want to keep.

 Why do you love working at eCore?

Great people, great team. Lots of opportunities to do our best and deliver on results.

What is the best part of your job?

Really enjoy the varied work and interesting problems. Agile software process and commitment to continual improvement.

What does a day at eCore look like for you

First I’ll take a look at the ticket queue to see if there’s anything urgent. I’ll check in with the boss and let him know what I plan to do that day. Then start working on task list, projects, and any ad-hoc work.

What unique element do you bring to eCore?

A commitment to automating as much as possible.

What is your favorite feature on ePro Scheduler?

The schedule lock. I got the chance to work on a component that is used in a lot of places in the software. I was able to exercise some industry best practices and try some new things to boot.

Why do you love working with the EMS industry?

There’s always something we can work on or improve to make our clients super happy.