Taking Air Medical EMS Scheduling to New Heights

Air medical EMS services offer lifeline support for all emergency situations by either providing transportation services via airplane or helicopter for patients.

Throughout the years, there have been concerns about the safety of transporting patients with these services. Air Medical EMS agencies around the world are making drastic changes to the current safety policies and practices. Two of the most critical components to improving safety measures for patients and employees are improved communication and efficient internal workflow processes.

Just as there is an obvious role and benefit for helicopters and airplanes to provide air medical services to residents in rural areas, there are also obvious benefits to adding an automated scheduling software to an agency’s list of tools and resources.


Below are a few ways that an air medical EMS scheduling software can improve communication and workflow processes throughout your entire organization:

Bring efficiency to your organization – Your agency needs to focus on completing their assigned missions every day. Using an outdated or manual scheduling process may hold you back from that goal. An automated, EMS specific scheduling software can help bring a sense of security to your team. Manually entering time off requests and shift swaps is an inefficient process and can cause your agency to waste precious man-hours throughout the day. An automated scheduling software gives employees a platform they can access from any device to perform these tasks. In addition, management is only required to come in at the end of the process for approving requests.

Improve team communication – Communication is the most critical component to air medical agencies making strides toward improving safety ratings. An optimized scheduling system for your air-medical agency allows management to send alerts and messages regarding new company policies to all employees, regardless of which interface they are using. Once a message is sent, management will have the ability to pull a report showing everyone who has viewed and acknowledged the message. Mandating this form of communication throughout the entire organization can help to ensure that all employees are on the same page when it comes to agency practices and expectations.

Keep in the know, on the go – Your agency is made up of teams who spend most of their shift in the field. When your employees need to know critical information, they rely on their smartphone or tablet. Attempting to use an unresponsive or incompatible web page on a mobile device can lead to a higher safety risk for both patients and employees. Ensuring that the online scheduling and messaging system provides mobile-optimized access for both employees and managers is a must for air medical services.

Update teams in real-time – Notifying employees of recent shift or schedule changes in real time can provide your team and patients with a peace of mind that the right person will be in the right place at the needed time. Whenever shifts or changes are published for viewing, the software should automatically push out notifications to employees in real time. Schedule changes should be compatible with any synced calendar that your employee chooses.

Improve workforce scheduling – Attempting to fill open shifts can be very tedious for both management and field employees when there is not a designated place for employees to submit their schedule on a regular basis. Even if your agency has implemented an internal system, many times field employees have to drive to the office in order to put in their availability or accept an open shift. With a mobile scheduling tool for scheduling availability, field employees can submit and view their weekly and monthly availability right from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. From there, managers are able to quickly fill open shifts and update the employee’s shift calendar in real time.


Increase Safety & Efficiency with ePro Scheduler

Running an air medical EMS agency requires time and dedication. Flight paramedics, pilots, and nurses need a reliable solution for their scheduling needs. Every function of an EMS employee scheduling software should be designed with the air medical industry in mind.

eCore Software Inc. has over 15 years of proven success with ePro Scheduler. Our product has everything an air medical operation needs from automated employee scheduling to promote a safety and efficiency.

ePro Scheduler for Air Medical EMS is an employee scheduling software catered to your flight and air ambulance departments. With solutions for scheduling, time & attendance, and payroll reports, ePro Scheduler provides custom solutions for each of our air transport clients.

ePro Scheduler makes it simple to manage small operations and gives larger operations the flexibility they need to oversee multiple stations.

If you are in the EMS industry and need a scheduling software that works for you, get in touch with us today to request your free demo.