ePro Scheduler for Air Medical EMS

ePro Scheduler for Air Medical EMS

As rural hospitals begin to close and medical crises are more often being sent to larger cities, the need has never been greater for air medical EMS agencies. ePro Scheduler is catered to your flight and air ambulance operations. eCore software handles scheduling, time & attendance, and payroll output to third-party payroll apps—it’s built to provide custom e-solutions for each air transport client.

The scope of your air medical EMS operation doesn’t matter; ePro Scheduler Plus simplifies the management of small organizations while providing larger companies the flexibility to oversee their bases.

What Does the Software Do?

ePro Scheduler Plus provides air medical EMS agencies with capabilities that are absent in others. Every EMS service, including air-based, needs to provide the highest quality service to their communities. By providing improved assets for communication and organization, the use of our software will increase your company’s capability to handle any aspect of the job with ease. ePro Scheduler Plus is designed with your industry in mind. Our software provides unmatched service while supporting all of the following needs:

  • Flexible to fit your unique needs, but simple enough to manage efficiently
  • Allow Crew to view schedules, pick-up/swap shifts, request time-off and submit new certifications all from their phone
  • Easy and Intuitive EMS Reporting Software with a variety of built-in reports
  • Create unlimited group permissions for everyone in your company
  • Restrict access to specific bases or regions for specific sets of users
  • Design complex rotations and scheduling patterns for Flight Nurses, Flight Paramedics and Pilots.

Our EMS scheduling software separates itself by offering features other programs simply do not have.

When compared to employee management software, ePro Scheduler Plus is the most budget-friendly program on the market. And it’s risk-free! Flight paramedics, pilots, and nurses need a solution to their air medical EMS scheduling needs, and ePro Scheduler Plus is a solution they can trust.

ePro Scheduler Plus Was Made for EMS Professionals in the Air-Medical Sector.

ePro Scheduler Plus is the proven solution for air medical EMS groups. If you need a resource management software to keep your agency organized, then start using ePro Scheduler Plus today and improve your organization!