Additional Tools

ePro Tracker

ePro Tracker is an advanced real-time online reporting solution that goes way beyond eliminating the obvious downsides of paper incident reporting. With ePro Tracker, employees can fill out report forms online designed by administrators to report incidents such as vehicle accidents, equipments failures, communication issues, injuries, customer service issues, commendations, and more!

eCore ePro Tracker

Custom Report Forms

ePro Tracker provides tools for building any number of custom report forms for employees to fill out and submit online.

Report Management

As reports are submitted, the right managers are notified so they can add notes, upload files, ask additional questions of the submitting employee, and even start a case file to tie reports together if needed.


With ePro Tracker, no report falls through the cracks. Email notifications ensure that all reports are being managed and resolved in a timely fashion.