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ePro ConEd is a cost effective and flexible web-based continuing education solution that easily adapts to all your organization’s needs. With ePro ConEd, employees log in to take courses or enroll for classroom courses designed by managers. ePro ConEd is designed to reduce costs and administrative time by allowing employees to take online courses when possible. When classroom attendance is required, ePro ConEd provides the right tools to make credit management easy and efficient. Stay organized and save time with ePro ConEd!

Online & Classroom Courses

ePro ConEd provides tools for uploading your own content and creating a test for employees to view and take online, or creating a classroom event to track attendance and pass fail status.

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Track Credit Hours

ePro ConEd provides detailed reporting on all credit hours related to online and classroom courses.

Track Credit Hours With Web Based Software

Generate and Print Certificates

Whether it’s an online course or a classroom course, ePro ConEd generates certificates with your company’s logo for passing employees.

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