ePro Scheduler for EMS

ePro Scheduler Plus is built from the ground up for EMS and ambulance agencies of all shapes and sizes. All across the nation, paramedics, EMTs, wheelchair van drivers, dispatchers, supervisors and administrators alike log into ePro Scheduler Plus to check and manage schedules, clock in and out, submit requests for time off and shift trades, view dashboards and documents, send and view messages, and more.

Most generic products on the market today do not support the needs of EMS and ambulance operations. Things like 24 hour shifts, certification management, complex rotations, and shift differentials just simply do not compute. Every function in ePro Scheduler Plus is designed with your industry in mind, covering all of these aspects and more.

ePro Scheduler Plus is the industry-proven solution for EMS and ambulance agencies in use by many of the largest operations in the country. Join these high performance operations and start using ePro Scheduler Plus today!