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Fingerprint Scanner

eCore Software supports time and attendance recording using the latest biometric fingerprint scanning technology. ePro BioClocks provide an affordable time and attendance solution for any operation.

Our unique design allows you to install a BioClock at any location and synchronize it to your ePro Scheduler. Live updates provide automatic synchronization to the server. If a live connection is unavailable, BioClocks can be configured to work offline using background updates to provide automatic synchronization.

Every time an employee fingerprint is scanned, the ePro BioClock checks the employee’s schedule and certification status. When employees clock in or out too early or too late for a scheduled shift they are required to provide a reason before they can punch in or out. If certifications are expired, employees can also be restricted from clocking in for a scheduled shift.

          - Encourage timely attendance with mandatory comments
          - Eliminate fines for employees with expired certifications
          - Punch in/out data is immediately available in ePro Scheduler
          - BioClocks also work great standalone for small businesses

ePro BioClocks are easily configured from the web with ePro Scheduler. Define early/late thresholds, or decide to prohibit early clock-ins. Decide whether or not to enforce certifications or force comments to the scheduler.

Synching attendance to a central location for big picture attendance management can be increasingly expensive. The combination of ePro Scheduler and ePro BioClocks make this an affordable option for any organization

When enrolling an employee, fingerprint scans are uploaded to the central ePro Scheduler database and synched to each BioClock in the BioNet. Employees can punch in and out at any remote location.

Through state-of-the-art technology, ePro BioClocks integrated with ePro Scheduler provide the most cost effective scheduling and time & attendance system on the market.

Attendance Recording & Employee Enrollment

To clock in or out, employees simply enter their ePro Scheduler usernames or employee ID numbers, then place a finger on the fingerprint scanner. If their fingerprint match is found in the database, they can clock in or out.

          - Completely eliminate buddy punching
          - Eliminate employee badges and bar codes
          - Now features two finger print scans

Enroll employees by scanning their fingerprints into the ePro BioClock system. Once they are enrolled, they can use ePro BioClocks to clock in and out. Synchronizing the fingerprint records to ePro Scheduler makes them available to any ePro BioClock installed at remote locations in the field.

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